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Photo Galleries: Falconer V12

7. 1931 Cadillac Coupe

James Alexander was having a 1931 Cadillac Coupe restored and upgraded, and as part of that upgrade, he felt that a modern day V12 needed to power this amazing car. The modern day V12 of choice was none other than our own Falconer V12 custom built to James' own specs. Built as a 427 cubic inch variant, this smooth-revving Falconer V12 has a mild powerband built for highway cruising. A unique engine for a very unique ride.

6. Double Whammy No. 1

Tad Leach came to Legendary car builder Dave Kindig to build his next exotic ride and he had one engine in mind and it was our Falconer V12. As work on the car and engine began, Tad realized he wanted something over the top, so we gave it to him in the form of twin Magnuson supercharges atop a custom intake. Yeah, it's only 1,000-horsepower on top of 1,100 lbs/ft of torque. You know, a daily driver...

5. Dodici...

World renown car builder Randy Grubb has long had an interest in the Falconer V12. When his good friend and long-time client Michael Jahns saw the engine, he made the decision then and there to have a new car built. Dubbed, 'Dodici', Italian for 'twelve', Jahns' newest Grubb creation was conceptualized over lunch in a crowded room at SEMA in 2014.

4. Lincoln Zephyr Custom

When Carlos Marquez saw the polished Falconer V12, he made his decision immediately, the engine was his. Topped with a rare polished aluminum cross-ram intake with short air horns and intricate throttle linkage, this shiny beast will power Carlos' new ride.

3. Custom Street Rod

Coachbuilder Steve Moal needed something special for one of his new projects and he wanted something similar to what was done for Eric Zausner's engine. This time, a custom LS-style manifold was built by Hogan's and a Vintage Air front drive system was added. Another all-business approach that resulted in a beautiful yet simple package.

2. Steampunk Street Rod

Eric Zausner had an aviation theme in mind for the car this Falconer V12 would power. The car, built by Steve Moal, is a true work of art and function, a bold statement in bare metal, and the engine was the punctuating statement of the machine itself.