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21. Custom Car Build

When we were contacted by Andy Leach and team of Cal Auto Creations we knew this project was going to be cool. Built for a special from-scratch build designed by Eric Black Design Co., our Falconer L6 was treated to some mild retro styling along with our signature custom pieces that make it a true original!

20. 1927 Bentley 3.0l #DN1744

Our good friend Dick Belveal asked us to go through the engine in his 1927 Bentley, so we took it in and meticulously rebuilt the massive powerplant. Though the displacement is only 3-liters, the engine itself is quite massive in size. Once the rebuild was complete it headed for the dyno before being delivered back to a very happy Mr. Belveal.

19. 1949 Fiat Topolino

Back in the early 2000s, we turbocharged five 500cc Fiat Topolino engines for a group of customers. Our good friend Joey Cavaglieri owner of Cavaglieri Restorations asked us if we would give his Topolino engine similar treatment, so we added our custom third main girdle, a custom Bryant Racing crankshaft Carrillo IndyCar rods and custom Wiseco pistons. Instead of the turbo we went with a small supercharger which required a custom drive. The 'Little Mouse' will now roar like a lion!

18. Custom Jaguar V12

Alex Borla wanted a flashy engine to show off the Borla Induction EFI throttle bodies, so he asked Ryan to restore and customize a Jaguar V12. The engine was completely rebuilt, the Borla logo was machined into the cam covers and then custom painted. Ryan fabricated the headers for dyno testing, but they ended up looking so good, we photographed them with the engine.

17. 1931 Cadillac Coupe

James Alexander was having a 1931 Cadillac Coupe restored and upgraded, and as part of that upgrade, he felt that a modern day V12 needed to power this amazing car. The modern day V12 of choice was none other than our own Falconer V12 custom built to James' own specs. Built as a 427 cubic inch variant, this smooth-revving Falconer V12 has a mild powerband built for highway cruising. A unique engine for a very unique ride.

16. Double Whammy No. 1

Tad Leach came to Legendary car builder Dave Kindig to build his next exotic ride and he had one engine in mind and it was our Falconer V12. As work on the car and engine began, Tad realized he wanted something over the top, so we gave it to him in the form of twin Magnuson supercharges atop a custom intake. Yeah, it's only 1,000-horsepower on top of 1,100 lbs/ft of torque. You know, a daily driver...