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9. Mopar LMP Street Revamp

This Mopar LMP (Le Mans Prototype) was built in 2002 by our good friend John Caldwell, owner of Caldwell Development, Inc. When John closed up shop, this engine was sold to a gentleman who wanted to put it in a street car. Through a strange set of circumstances, it came to us via a different owner, and we handled the conversion from racing engine to high-power street engine.

8. Bonneville Streamliner

One track mind: Bonneville...and speed. This 1,300-horsepower version of the Falconer L6 propelled Dennis Varni's Speed Nymph streamliner to several new records in the 300-mph club.

7. Custom Street Rod

Go all out. That's just what Dino Rossi of B Real Kustoms told us when he ordered this engine to power his scratch-built street rod. The car, a collaboration between B Real and Attebury Street Rods was literally built around the engine.

6. Steampunk Street Rod

Eric Zausner had an aviation theme in mind for the car this Falconer V12 would power. The car, built by Steve Moal, is a true work of art and function, a bold statement in bare metal, and the engine was the punctuating statement of the machine itself.

5. 1954 Corvette Custom

It's painted bright yellow (Corvette Milennium Yellow, to be exact) to match the super cool ride it will power. Using a Newman chassis and modified 1954 Corvette body this engine will turn as many heads as the car itself.

4. Ferrari Boxer Restoration

This was what we call a rolling restoration. A good friend brought us his Boxer engine for a rebuild, the car was a driver not a show car so the effort went into the internals, leaving the engine's exterior looking period correct.