Ryan Falconer
Racing Engines

Est. 1966

Building, designing and developing race-winning engines for over 50 years

Ryan Falconer Racing Engines has been in business since 1966 building, designing and developing race-winning engines. A developer, R&D lab and design house all rolled into one is at the core of our business. We love to create, and it just so happens we love to mix art and horsepower in heavy doses.

We won the Indianapolis 500 in 1966, our Indy Ford powering Graham Hill to victory. We dominated offshore powerboat racing as the first builder to use Bosch mechanical fuel injection in the early 1970s, so much so, we were legislated out. We built the engines that dominated in Formula 5000, driven by the likes of Al Unser and Mario Andretti and we won a Can-Am champoinship in the 1980s that was hard-fought and well earned.

There was extensive development for Chevrolet also, we put the first stock-block V6 on the grid at the Indianapolis 500 in 1980 then returned in 1983 with the Splayed Valve Chevy V6 driven by AJ Foyt. Chevrolet didn't pursue the project, and before we knew it, Buick picked up the V6 ball and ran with it. But hey...we started it. Add development in IMSA in GTO and GTP series with the 1,200-horsepower 3-liter Chevy V6 that powered the GTP Corvette...we just kept going.

So it only made sense to build our own engine, the Falconer V12, which hit the press like a right hook in 1991. Since then we've added even more techno power to our roster, the Falconer L6, our IRL street rod engines...if it can rev, we can squeeze power from it.

But, this isn't even scratching the surface. In over 50 years of producing horsepower and the innovation necessary to acheive it, we've done a lot. From the Indianapolis 500 to Pikes Peak, to offshore powerboat racing to air racing, we have covered Land, Sea and Air many times over. Though we have shifted gears and made our focus more on high-end street rods and custom engines, racing is in our blood and it's what keeps the power flowing from our high-desert home in Arizona.

All of our contact info is here on the site, drop us a line via email or phone if you have any quesitons.